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Oklahoma After-School Network Partnership

Oklahoma Afterschool Network Partnership:

Bringing Mutt-i-Grees to awesome local students

  Oklahoma afterschool network 2  

About 70 kids from F.D. Moon Elementary School, 1901 NE 13, are participating in a Summer STEAM Academy at Douglass Mid-High School that focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts and math.  (More info on their program)We were privileged to make weekly visits with some of our amazing dogs.  Oliver (pictured above) is a senior dog but he had plenty of energy to hang out with these special students.  We focused on how to care for animals, self-awareness, imaginative story building, and how to work together as a team.

oklahoma afterschool network artwork                                           (student artwork from our visit)

The curriculum is called Mutt-i-Grees, which was developed by the a colloaboration between the Yale school for the 21st century and the North Shore Animal League.   The Kirkpatrick Foundation hosted the team from Mutt-i-Grees earlier this year and we were thankful to be in attendance for their presentation. This is a first class curriculum that deals not only with animal education, but also teaches these students valuable skills for life, self awareness and anti-bullying.  If you would be interested in bringing Mutt-i-Grees to your school or classroom please contact Free To Live Executive Director Matt Goodwin @ 405-282-8617.