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Hello Miss Marley

marley eyes to the side small


This sweet little pup is a part of an incredible story and she doesn’t even know it yet. She is the first dog to be rescued by Free To Live since Robbie Miller became our kennel coordinator, leading a team that cares for nearly 120 dogs on site. Robbie has an amazing story of his own that includes his beloved dog shadow. (who was shot in the desert and abandoned. Click the pic below to see their story)







Shadow was adopted from Marley’s Mutts in California. But Marley’s Mutts didn’t only help save Shadow’s life, they also helped Robbie forge a new path in his own life…discovering his passion to help animals and to be a voice for the voiceless. So he is naming this amazing dog in their honor.


marley sitting copy

You can see the painful mange that Marley had when she arrived at FTL



This sweet six month old puppy was wandering the streets alone and was found when some mechanics took time to feed her. They were taken with the striking eyes and perky ears...how could they not help her :)


marley eyes closed tall small

this tired girl was ready for a nap 



But having been abandoned, being a pit bull, and with a severe case of mange, she was sure to be put down at the local shelter or worse out on the streets… But thankfully, our team was alerted of her situation and we were able to save her.


marley laying down eyes open small

So Pretty 



So now the fun begins...she will be treated 45 days to cure the mange (huge shout out to the kind people at Stoneridge animal hospital for donating her initial check-up as well as the needed skin medicine) and then we will find her an amazing forever home. If you would be interested in applying to adopt her or helping with the rest of her journey, please contact us here or you can give directly here



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