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Free To Live, About 2 months ago, my husband and I adopted Rumor (formerly Colorado).   I thought I would write and give you a quick update on how she is doing! I have attached a couple of pictures of and hope you can see how she is adjusting. Rumor is currently enrolled in obedience class and I will tell you she is quite the class show off making all the other dogs look bad.   But, with that said, she does have a few things to work on.   One of the pictures that is enclosed is after one of her digging adventures.   My husband had to put on his swimsuit on and take her (and our other dog) into the shower for an on-the-fly bath/shower. Thanks for such a wonderful dog!

-Kristen Buzan



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This is our "Padre", now known as "Wesley." He was adopted as a 4 month old pup by Anna Giberson of Edmond on 7/29/06. Anna writes: We love him so much and will always be grateful that we were led to PetSmart the day we got him.

Anna Giberson (Edmond, OK)

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Meet our Goldie! She's waving to you! Her new name is "Esther." Esther was the first pup adopted from her litter and she went to a wonderful home. She was quite a favorite here and it sounds as though everyone who meets her "falls in love." Her mom, Shannon, is very proud of her and is quick to tell you she gets prettier every week.

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Shelby is so happy in her forever home. She says that she gets so much attention, is never left out in the back yard for long, and although she is not allowed on the couch, she gets to sleep with her people. She has learned sit, down, shake, high five, rollover, spin, crawl and is learning to bow. She is so proud of her box of toys in the living room and recently graduated from PetsMart training school. We loved her here at FTL and are so happy she is in such a wonderful home.

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We adopted "Tiffany," we call her "Mazzie," in April. I just wanted to send you a picture (taken back in Sept.) She is doing great! We love her so much! Of course, she does her normal puppy stuff, she really likes digging.

Alisha Owens

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We just wanted to give you guys an update on Belle (formerly Junebug). She has been a great addition to our family. Belle gets along great with our 2 1/2 year old daughter, and she plays great with our Chihuahua. She really loves to run in the backyard, and likes to chew on everything and anything!!! We feel that we are lucky to be the family to give Belle a good home. I can not express enough how highly we regard your organization. It is a great facility, and there needs to be more people like you throughout the world. Here is a recent photo of Belle with one of her favorite toys.

Thank you, Misty


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Trixie is doing super!!! She has learned the dog treats come from a certain place and will sit immediately for one.  She plays endlessly with our Beagel, Breezy.   She's a great puppy.  We love her immensely.  We'll have to bring her to visit sometime!

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Dharma has a great, sweet, but very "definite" personality – she does not like to be left out of anything or she will pout. She’s a really, really cool dog; she talks to you! You should hear her talk when we head toward her favorite places or when she sees people or other animals coming around! I LOVE IT.

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My name is Mr. Freeze.  Do you remember me?  I was adopted a few years ago.  I am having a ball!  My parents scratch my belly and there is plenty of yarn to get into when nobody is looking!  Sometimes I fall in the toilet. Those things are tricky! My favorite thing is to take a nap on Michael's lap!  My parents also adopted another kitty from the vet.  Her name is Lili and she is my best friend!  I want to do everything that she does!  We like to get in the laundry basket and hide under the sheets.  I can't thank you enough for finding such a great home for me!

Love ,  Freezers (That's my nickname)


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Just had to share a picture of Snickerdoodle (who is actually now "Roxy" to us) with you.  She has changed soooo much even in the three weeks we have had her.  She is such a sweet little girl.  She gives kisses all the time - though she tries to sneak in a nibble or too if she can (like all puppies do!).  She is so sweet when she has just woken up from the night or from naps... she stretches and is so lazy and sleepy and loving at those times.. Those are my favorite times with her! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for letting us adopt her.  She has brought us a lot of joy.

Thanks Again,  Stacy C.

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I am so pleased and happy all these years with my old buddy HAYDEN, since 2001 he has been part of our family. Very smart , agile, playful good with all humans in all forms, from kids in the neighborhood to adults passers by, city workers and the mailman. Also has made friends with the neighboring pets that sometimes visit him. He enjoys car rides and treats followed with his famous paw shake!. He's always accompanied by his inseparable friend or should I say girlfriend CHASIE my first pup also with me for 7 years now since 1 month old, they love to play chase me or catch me if you can, also at times hide and seek or find the squirrel. Summer time we like to spend time digging holes but out master does not complain since he has designated spots for us. I do thank you at free to live for saving such a wonderful pet so I could bring him home. Aside from him being a "man" of the world who likes to explore outside the fence he's been a pleasure to have.
Raymond B.

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Our family adopted Pearl on New Years Eve last year.  We fell in love with her the minute we saw her picture on the FTL website.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family. Within this year she has completed and passed all the necessary classes and tests to be a registered therapy dog.  I was told she would not do well around other dogs but with some obedience classes, she has come full circle and enjoys playing with other dogs.  Our family along with Pearl has been visiting nursing homes and assisted living centers in the area since June and thoroughly enjoys the experiences and people we have met.   We love her so much and just wanted to send this update.

Thanks for all you do!  The Houston’s

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Well, it has been one year since we adopted Henry (aka Mister) and what a wonderful year it has been! I am finally sending you some pictures of Henry so you can see how well he is doing. He is definitely a SPOILED cat but for us that is okay. We now own a dog, Molly and slowly but surely they are making friends, Molly loves to play but Henry is not so certain. At night he sleeps with us and I find I am "sandwiched" between my husband and the cat! At times when he is not sleeping he is swatting my nose with his paw!  I have tried telling him that 'night time' is for sleeping however he finds time to play! I do get my morning kisses from him though and how wonderful they are! My husband and I would like to thank you for allowing us to adopt Henry. He is a huge blessing in our life!

Beth T.

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I was 9 years old the first time I visited your sanctuary. Since that first visit my family and I have adopted many new family members... Puff was the first we adopted, as my late Christmas gift on January 2, 1990. She was a black cat with only half her tail left and completely blind in her left eye. I watched as other visitors to the cattery shooed her away... Every weekend my mom drove me to Free To Live to visit her, until we were able to take her home. She had chosen me... she had come out from hiding behind the food bins and when I didn't notice her right away... she tapped my leg with the nub on the end of her tail. Over the years, Puff seemed to overcome her traumatic beginnings and she came to trust, if not love, everyone, not just me. But I was always the one she bonded to... After 14 years of love and devotion, I am sorry to have to tell you that Puff crossed over the rainbow bridge on October 14, 2004. I am convinced that when it is my time to go, she will be waiting for me...

Andrea S.


...She is one spoiled cat. I am so glad I adopted her, she is the joy of my life.

Sandra M.


...I want you to know that your kindness and helpfulness have meant so very much to me! You both truly helped me find (Ranger, now Velvet) the perfect pet and companion for me and my other cat, Socks. They play night and day racing from one side of the house to the other; wrestling around over and over, and when they can't go on, they stretch out on the bed or the floor together and conk-out! Socks, our Maine Coon will hold Velvet down with one paw and clean her up. ... Thank you again for all your help, advice and patience. It's such a blessing to see extra love put into what you do!

With sincere gratitude,
Jeanette C.

Dear Free To Live,

I was just writing to let you know how my sweet little kitty is doing. I adopted Uno from you back in January, and I have loved every minute from then on. Upon bringing Uno home, she was at first scared and frightened but now she has taken to her role as master of the house very well. She has learned that she owns me and not the other way around. I have enclosed some pictures of my baby and if you remember her from back in January you can see that she has put on some weight and is very healthy and playful. Uno loves to play and has so many toys that she doesn't have time to play with them all. I am very happy that Uno come into my life and I am sure that she is happy that I came along. Thanks again what you guys do and enjoy the pictures.

Jaci D.


Hey everyone! This is Summer. I adopted Sadie about 3 weeks ago (that would be Mindy to you)! I just thought I would let you know how she is doing. She is the sweetest lil' girl in the world and the light of my life. She knows how good she has it here, and is already spoiled rotten! We both know that she is home for good! She is so smart! She is already pretty much potty trained and can fetch, sit, shake and lay down. We are going to work on rolling over next! Thank you so much for providing a safe place for dogs and cats.



We just want to express our thanks for Sphinx (renamed Tabitha) who was adopted by us on Saturday at Petsmart. The description that was written about her was very accurate, especially the part about "very gentle cat," and "loves attention"! We are finding her to be an excellent companion and she is a very important member of our family. Even our older cat is finding he cannot resist her warmth and friendliness. I took her to our local veterinarian today and he finds her to be in perfect health. Thank you for doing all you do to place animals in good homes!

Wendy and Larry Q.


I just wanted to give you an update on Karla. Karla has been a wonderful addition to our family. As you can tell Karla loves to have her picture taken. Karla is in Basic Training class at PetSmart and is doing wonderfully. Thank you for all your organization does for matching the perfect animal with the right family.

Kate G.
 success-allie-chex Dear Friends at Free to Live,

We just wanted to update you on our "little" pup. We adopted Allie (formerly Chex) from you on January 18. She was a mere 15 pounds. She's now a whopping 32 pounds and growing! As first time dog owners, we were a little hesitant about adopting, but we must say Allie has become a part of the family, and we wouldn't trade her for anything. Thank you so much for all the work you do.

Brian and Jamie


I just wanted to let you know that Cora is just doing great. We have really enjoyed her. She and Bear are the best of buddies. It is like Bear really knew she needed us. I like to think he is that smart!!!! She continues to amaze us. She has quite the personality. Most people don't see it because she is so scared. She loves to play in the middle of the night:):):) It doesn't bother me. I am just glad she is happy. Take care. Will keep in touch.

Laurie S.


I wish I could tell you everything that Shotz has done, but it would be impossible. Everyday she does something new that shows how intelligent she is. She never ceases to amaze us with what she does. My wife takes her walking in the mornings, and I take her in the evenings when I get home. She has become very protective of my wife when strangers are around. She stays between my wife and who ever is here until she gets to know them. We want to thank you very much for letting us adopt her. She is a big part of our family and is loved very much.

Jeff & Theresa

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Enclosed is a picture of C.J. (Calamity Jane). She weighs 41 pounds and walks on her leg about 80% of the time. We just love her to death. She is sweet and a big snuggler. She is already very spoiled. We get the biggest kick out of her. We take her to our lake house where she chases rabbits, squirrels and birds. Thank you "Free To Live" for Calamity Jane.

(Note: Calamity Jane came to Free To Live after she had been run over and not cared for. When she came to us she was in very bad shape. Her pelvis had been crushed and she needed immediate surgery to remove one of her toes. She later had to undergo major surgery on her hip and pelvis. We are delighted to share with you this message from her new adoptive family.)

Free to Live Animal Santuary Success Story

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that Felicity is doing really well in her new home.  She fits in perfectly here.  She has gotten over her shyness and she likes to play and she loves attention.  She is still hogging my pillow every single night.  She leaves me this little bitty corner of it to sleep on, she is such a little piggy.  We are very glad to have her.  I have attached some pictures of her and her new friends.  Santa Paws brought them a new kitty gym for Christmas, she loves it!   She seems to be very happy here.

Jennifer D.

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We adopted this little girl from you (in November 2003). Her name was Dizzy but we changed her name to Millie. We are all very happy (even Chelses, the older dog). Millie has taken over the house and declared it HERS! Thank you very much for all that you do for abandoned dogs like Millie and our community.

Leah A. B.

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Dear Friends,I just wanted to check in and let you know how things are going in my new home. The most difficult thing is finding a place to get comfortable. (I have enclosed a few pictures to show the difficult decisions I have had to make.)  I have discovered that the bed at night is the most comfortable. There is one problem. When they brought me home they also brought in another four-legged creature. He hasn't figured out if he is a cat or a dog. I just try and give him a nice wide berth. They seem to like me and take me for walks and in the car. I think it's going to work out just fine. Just wanted to say thanks for helping get us together. Say hello to all my other friends.

Always, Merlin

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Dear Caring Free to Live Staff:I wanted to write and let you know that I love my new mom and dad. They have given me a wonderful home and have helped me to lose some more weight. We walk outside a lot and I have a special diet, but it's not so bad since they give me lots of special treats. I have sent some pictures of me so you can see how handsome I have turned out to be. We are getting ready for Christmas. I go by Sherman now (Bruno is my middle name) and I really like it. I want to wish all of you and your families a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Thank you for taking care of me while I was there!

Sherman "Bruno" R.