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Abused dog "Simpson" finds safety at Free To Live

simpson collage 1

After a phone call Tuesday morning about a Pit Bull terrier who had been severly abused or neglected, (the first idea was that he had been drug behind a car, but the Logan Co. Sherrif's department is currently investigating for the exact cause of the injury) the Free To Live staff acted quickly to help this scared and wounded pup.  Although a bit timid and frightened, he still allowed our staff to carry him, love on him, and begin to break down the survival mode he had been living in.

Here are links to the original news stories about "Simpson"

Kfor: http://bit.ly/1mOG3E1 News 9: http://bit.ly/1mcIm80 

Koco 5: http://bit.ly/TS5UUU Kokh fox 25: http://bit.ly/Vjg7us


He went in to the vet immediately to be examined and to see what might have happened to him.  Besides his outward physical injuries, he tested postive for heartworm and will need to be treated to make sure those are cleared up.  This is an expensive process and could take several months to be irradicatted. His massive wound on his back was thoroughly cleaned and debridled to make sure that infection doesn't set in.  He will need to be inside for a number of weeks so that flys and other insects don't further irritate his wounds and cause complications.   He is approximately one year old and was neutered as well by our vet on Tuesday afternoon.

Our Kennel staff has already fell in love with this little guy and have been making sure he is getting lots of time to walk, play and heal.  We have had numerous calls and emails asking how to be involved in helping "Simpson" heal and recover, and how to help Free To Live in general.  Here are a few ideas:  

1.  Give towards his continued medical care and recovery, which will be a lengthy process

2.  Stay tuned to our website and Free To Live Facebook for updates from the ongoing investigation and what authorities may be looking for or how to help.

Here is an updated News Story from KFOR: http://bit.ly/V1jIgm

3.  Spread the word about the other 300 formerly abused or abandoned animals here at Free To Live who are available for adoption and looking for a forever home.

4.  Come visit on dog and cat fun days, the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.  You can do dog walking, or go to the cattery and love on some sweet cats.

As a no-kill animal sanctuary, our primary goal is to help "Simpson" heal and recover and find a great home.  We want to find out what happened and try and make sure this never happens to another animal, but those details are being handled by the local law enforcement.  We will support them and look forward to fighting together for the animals of central Oklahoma.  Thank You so much for your passionate response to help "Simpson" and animals everywhere, you are making a difference!