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Join us on our Dog and Cat Fun Days held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, from 1 to 3 pm. 

Come out and have some fun with our animals, they love the attention!

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Free To Live Calendars Now on Sale


These Calendars feature your pets as well as some of the great animals from 

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How do I adopt?


Free to Live Animal Sanctuary How to AdoptTo adopt you must first qualify. You need to offer a quality, permanent, loving home. To be a good dog owner, we require that you have a fenced yard. If you don’t want to make a serious commitment to an animal and provide care and love, you should not be a pet owner. Get a plant or a television instead, and leave the animals for other homes.


Free to Live Animal Sanctuary How to Adopt

We are open to the public for adoptions every day except Wednesdays. Call us at 282-8617 for directions and additional information. All of our animals have been to a local veterinarian and are up to date on shots, wormed and treated professionally for any problems. Treatment records (shots, vet visits, and history) are available for inspection. We try to ensure that every cat and dog at our sanctuary is healthy, well fed, safe, and happy. All animals are spayed or neutered before adoption is allowed.  A $60.00 donation is required for any animal adopted (senior citizens receive a $10 adoption fee discount).

Most Free To Live animals are mixed breeds. We seem to accumulate the strays of the world that are resilient, tough and tumble. We have very few small dogs, and rarely get a pedigreed bloodline at the sanctuary. Many of our cats are a bit reclusive, though some will knock you down to sit in your lap. The mixed bloodlines tend to make a healthier animal overall. We just don’t have a lot of "trophy" animals. We have a vast selection though; about 125 cats and 150 dogs at any given time are available for adoption.

Free to Live Animal Sanctuary How to AdoptWe have a liberal return policy. At any time, no matter how long after an adoption, we will take back any Free To Live animal, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! If you adopt from us and no longer wish to commit to the pet, we will take it back into our sanctuary home. We will not give you any of your money back (this is a liberal policy for us). If you seem responsible to us, we will allow you to trade for another animal, although here we do ask questions. People sometimes take an animal home, and it turns out to not be a good match for their other pet or environment. We encourage these people to try trading for a different temperament animal if it is not working out.

We also adopt animals out on Saturdays from a PetsMart location. Special rules apply at this location. For PetsMart times and information, look on our calendar. At Petsmart we try to encourage responsible pet ownership. Come by and see us at PetsMart (we have only a sampling of our 200+ animals there each Saturday) and talk to our volunteers about adoption from Free To Live.

Free to Live Animal Sanctuary How to AdoptWe encourage adoption from local public (city/county based) animal welfare organizations (your local "pound"). These truly homeless animals are marked for death and deserve a chance to find a loving home. The animals at Free To Live have found a no-kill sanctuary with us and are safe and cared for at our sanctuary. Try your local "pound" first, then only come adopt from us if you can’t somehow find a good match at the city-run adoption facility near you. We are priced a little higher than the local "pounds." They often times have a better selection of cute kittens and puppies too.

pet smart charities

Free To Live has partnered with a new Petsmart program called People Saving Pets.

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About Free To Live

Free To Live is a non-profit sanctuary for stray, abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats. It is the largest no-kill sanctuary in Oklahoma. From Free To Live more than 500 animals are adopted out to loving homes each year. At the sanctuary, animals that are not adopted live out their lives with healthy food, shelter and medical care. Euthanasia is not practiced.


Free To Live began as a dream of Bill and his late wife Pat Larson. In 1982, the Edmond couple purchased 20 acres of land north of Edmond and began construction. The Larsons and a handful of dedicated volunteers did much of the work. On August 7, 1984, Free To Live opened its doors and the Larsons' dream became a reality. Bill Larson continues to be involved with the sanctuary and serves on the board as a lifetime member / founder.


Free To Live has a professional salaried staff that includes a kennel keeper, cattery keeper, Business & Development Director, Animal Care & Operations Director, secretary, full and part-time maintenance staff,
as well as two veterinarians on retainer. Volunteers are involved in every aspect of the organization. FTL is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year; the kennel and cattery keepers live on-site in order to provide complete care.

Free To Live takes in as many dogs and cats as possible; space and funds are currently available to care for approximately 150 dogs and 150 cats. Animals brought to FTL are initially placed in isolation for a minimum of 10 days. During this time they are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and given general physical examinations. There are separate isolation buildings for dogs and cats; each unit has an enclosed indoor/outdoor run.

Once dogs leave the isolation area, they are housed, according to their size and personality, in one of the kennel's 33 indoor/outdoor units. Each area has beds and access to spacious outdoor fenced runs measuring 15-by-54 feet for the smaller dogs and 34-by-54 feet for the larger dogs. Older dogs that are no longer active enough for life in the kennel live in the office annex area that also has an enclosed, outdoor run. From the office these dogs can be closely monitored, pampered and enjoy more companionship.

Our cats, after the isolation period, are transferred to the large, cheery cattery with large inside and outside play areas. The cattery is shared by the main cat population and its inside room has plenty of small cubicles for cats to nap or hide in. Toys to play with and climb on fill the main play areas.

Another room and outdoor play area contains some of the new arrivals and younger cats.  This same room has roomy stainless steel areas for the kittens and their mothers.

There are four separate areas with outdoor runs where the cats with FIV, Leukemia, Rhino Virus and our senior kitties live.   We also have an isolation building with 10 additional runs for our cats that have medical conditions that require separation from the main population.

Two Edmond veterinarians provide excellent medical care. The dogs and cats are given 100% nutritionally balanced food; special diets are supplied for animals that require them. Free To Live's kennel and cattery have large cooling fans and heaters for the animals' comfort. All of the animal areas and bedding are cleaned daily.


Most animals at Free To Live are available for adoption. Those seeking to adopt a Free To Live animal are screened to help ensure suitable placement of our animals. Free To Live maintains a no-questions-asked return policy for any animal adopted from the shelter for the life of the animal. All animals receive their vaccinations and are spayed or neutered before they can be adopted. A $60.00 adoption donation is requested. Senior citizens receive a $10 adoption fee discount.  If you are a senior and want to adopt a senior dog or cat (one who is 9 years or older), you can adopt for $30.   The sanctuary is open to the public every day of the week except Wednesdays.

Hours and Contact

Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Animals shown:
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Closed Wednesdays

Please call for directions
(405) 282-8617

Email Us
Or Write Us At:
P.O. Box 5884
Edmond, OK 73083-5884


Donate to Free to Live

Paypal is the leader in accepting online payments and donations.  You can use your paypal account or your credit card as you safely and securely support Free To Live.  Thank You for your support!

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Special Needs

If you would like to make a donation to the cats, we always need canned cat food.

We also use canned dog food to make meatballs for giving our dogs their pills.

Every Day Wish List

Canned adult dog food
Canned cat food
Cat treats
Cat litter (any kind)

Spray bottles for cleaning purposes
Washable blankets

Sponsor Special Needs

Sponsor a Special Needs Dog or Cat - We have several animals that, due to health or behavior problems, will probably not be adopted. Since we are a true no-kill facility, these animals will live out their natural lives with us and be treated as one of our family here at Free To Live. Please look over these wonderful dogs and cats and consider sponsoring a special needs pet.

CFC Number

A special "THANK YOU" to the many federal employees who are contributing to Free To Live through the Combined Federal Campaign. Percentage of annual contributions Free To Live uses for fundraising is 1.2%. To designate Free To Live as the recipient, simply enter CFC Number 57388.

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