Adopt Dory

A tiny gremlin + the cutest potato you’ve ever seen + an extra dash of sass = Dory! (Estimated birthdate August 2019) This cute little thing will make you laugh, will make the strangest noises you’ve ever heard, and will
absolutely keep you on your toes. Dory is a funny girl with big feelings and opinions, and she
will absolutely let you hear all about them! Dory is dog selective and will definitely need to meet
other dogs prior to adoption, she wants to be the head girl in charge and will let the other dogs
know! We would recommend a home without cats or small children for Dory, and a home
experienced with her breed is a plus. Dory can be a bit shy when she meets you at first, but once
you are in her circle you are in for life and she will be your bestest bud. Dory walks well on a
leash and absolutely LOVES to play in the water too! All around, this girl is just a quirky and
adorable angel. Think Dory could be the perfect weirdo for your family? Apply online to meet

Adoption is a wonderful way to save two lives and we would love to introduce you to your new best friend!

Costs to Consider as you Plan for Your New Friend:
Adoption Fee: $100 for cats; $125 for dogs