Adopt Tim

Three-year-old Tim is the perfect dog. He went to an adoption event recently and no one could ever remember where they left him because he would be content going with whoever at the event and immediately relaxing on their feet. Other dogs would run up and Tim would say “hey” then go back to snoozing. He loves tummy rubs and treats. We can’t believe he is still waiting for his people. If Tim had his way, you would spring for Disney + and you two would make a weekend of catching up on all the newest movies. He said don’t watch the new Hocus Pocus without him! Tim is good with other dogs and happy to hang with kids.

Adoption is a wonderful way to save two lives and we would love to introduce you to your new best friend!

Costs to Consider as you Plan for Your New Friend:
Adoption Fee: $100 for cats; $125 for dogs