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Adoption Outreach Saturdays

Maybe it's just one Saturday or every Saturday that you have available to donate some of your time. If you are interested in hands-on time and would like to work with other volunteers we certainly have a position open for you here! These volunteers experience the most gratifying pleasure, they help find our animals a loving home. Volunteers work in organized teams, taking turns staffing our adoption booth at Petsmart on Saturdays. Working in small groups gives volunteers a chance to know each other. It also makes becoming a new Petsmart volunteer easier because you can count on someone being there who can show you the ropes. Petsmart days are especially important to us and getting more volunteers for this kind of work is a high priority!

Click here for more Adoption Outreach volunteer information.


Cat & Dog Fun Days and Work Days

This is great for people who would like to spend hands-on time with the animals. Some volunteers consider this therapeutic for themselves and the pets! This special time helps to socialize the animals so that they are more adoptable.

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Office Help

It seems our phone is always ringing. There is always something to be filed or an envelope to be stuffed. If you could donate some clerical help we would certainly appreciate it! Along with our general tasks we have added this web site and need organized individuals to help keep it up to date! Fill out a volunteer application and let us know if your interested.


Sanctuary Facility & Grounds

We appreciate the sanctuary's friends who, on occasion, are able to help in the cattery or kennel. And we also have opportunities for volunteers who can help us with small construction projects like fixing fences or putting in concrete barriers. Sometimes we need help shoveling and loading or unloading things. If you are interested in volunteering some of your time by helping with the cattery, kennel, or maintenance, please check out our additional information that explains the duties. Then please let us know by calling or sending us your volunteer application.

Cattery Volunteer Duties
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In Town Volunteer Needs

Many of our In Town volunteer needs relate to our fund raising events. We have an annual Auction that is vital to keeping the Sanctuary running. Volunteers for these events are like the hubs that hold the spokes together! You can also check out our Auction News page to find out more about this kind of work. If you are interested please fill out a volunteer application.


Volunteer Applications

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