Oklahoma’s Largest

CAT AND DOG Sanctuary

Established in 1984, Free to Live Animal Sanctuary is the largest nonprofit, no-kill animal sanctuary in Oklahoma.

Whether they are strays, abused, mistreated, neglected or extreme medical cases – all of our dogs and cats will live out their lives with love, companionship and a sense of family from our dedicated staff and volunteers. With your help, we can ensure every animal is free to live!

How to get involved



There is no place like a home, and our Free to Live dogs and cats are ready to meet your family.



Join us in saving some of Oklahoma’s most vulnerable dogs and cats with a gift to their care.



Volunteering at Free to Live is a fun, rewarding experience and it makes a huge difference in the lives of our animals!

Stories of Impact

Teeth, Hearts and Skin

Teeth, Hearts and Skin

People often wonder what the biggest expense at Free to Live is regarding regular vet care. It has to be the big three: teeth, hearts and...

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