Tracer came to Free to Live with her two siblings Tater and Tylar. She was adopted four times and returned. Each time the reason was no fault of her own – divorce, death, and changes in the family. Now 12-years-old, Tracer was going to be harder to place. 

We took her to event after event and she would charm the crowd. Everyone would promise to come back and see her again, but nothing ever materialized. We matched her back with her sister, Tylar, and her friend Gilbert so she could enjoy an air-conditioned house during our hottest summer days. 

Then a kind woman stopped by one day to donate a few items. She decided to just “look.” It was love at first sight for both her and Tracer. She was thinking about adding a friend for her senior cocker spaniel and Tracer proved to be the right match. 

She has since shared with staff that it was such a smooth transition it felt like Tracer had lived with her forever. 

Free to Live is grateful for the support of its donors. It allows us to commit to dogs like Tracer for life. No matter how long it took, we never gave up on her. 

Sadly, Tracer has since passed of cancer and her adopter is forever grateful she got to spend the “best year” of Tracer’s life with her.