Adopt Loretta

Birthday: 2/2013

Loretta has a penchant for foreign language and will read anything she can get her paws on. We have to bring giant stacks of books back every week from the library. We have tried to get her to read on a kindle, but she loves the smell of a book. She is still learning to dog after the first part of her young life was spent as a commodity. She was bred until they didn’t need her anymore and they left her on the side of the road. She had been hit by a car, had heartworms and was scared. She loves playing selectively with dog friends and is ready for a family of her own – just make sure you have that library card ready! Loretta would be best in an only dog home. She likes a good romp every now and then, but she wants your attention all to herself!

Adoption is a wonderful way to save two lives and we would love to introduce you to your new best friend!

Costs to Consider as you Plan for Your New Friend:
Adoption Fee: $100 for cats; $125 for dogs