Adopt Sitka

Sitka (estimated birthday March 2020) is the King of “Hey—wanna see something cool?!” But unfortunately, sometimes that cool thing is Sitka escaping from any fence he has ever wanted to, over and over again. This guy is SMART, y’all! He is all the things you think of in a husky: beautiful, distinguished, fast, smart, regal, and motivated.

Sitka is a dream when it comes to other dogs, and would thrive with just about any canine companion to keep him company. While cats and small animals are a no-go for Sitka, he has never met a canine or human stranger—he loves them all, including kids! Sitka is a true escape artist and needs a stockade fence with a dedicated owner to keep an eye out for his artistic flair, but beyond that, this guy is as easy going as they come and would make a great addition to a wide variety of families! Unfortunately Sitka failed his cat test with flying colors, but we would love to introduce him to resident canines in the home. Ready to tango with this gorgeous man? Apply to meet Sitka at

Adoption is a wonderful way to save two lives and we would love to introduce you to your new best friend!

Costs to Consider as you Plan for Your New Friend:
Adoption Fee: $100 for cats; $125 for dogs