I’m a big guy. I weigh over 20 pounds and I like to roll around and show everyone my belly and my handsome walk about. I was found by this nice lady in Tulsa. She was helping all my friends that lived around there and she was upset I had something called FIV. She said that FIV would make it harder for me to find somewhere safe and warm to sleep. She kept me safe in her house until Free to Live came and picked me up. I got to ride in the front seat and I was quiet because I didn’t really know what to say to my new friends. They would smile at me and say nice things. I liked how they talked quiet and said things about how handsome I was. It had been awhile since someone had thought I was great. Then they let me live in this super cool room with lots of toys and friends who are just like me. I like to make them all laugh. Thank you for believing in me