July 2016

Eyore and Rue are quite the brothers who aren’t really brothers. Eyore wanted to help document Free to Live’s history for the anniversary and Rue ran as fast as he could through his supplies and scattered them everywhere. Once Eyore really got into meditation and Rue asked for a drum set for Christmas just so he could annoy him. And yet, on the coldest of days you can find them snuggling close, and when those spring storms roll in you will see them protecting each other from every loud clap. Rue even stood up for Eyore when all the other kids made fun of his skin because of the mange. They always say with a smile – “That’s just how family works” – and then Rue punches Eyore in the arm and runs off laughing hysterically. Eyore is semi-feral and Rue will need lots of visits to help him warm up to new friends.