Adopt Leo

Meet Leo! He is such a fun looking dude and he absolutely has a personality to match! He lives with two other female dogs on property and came to us after living in a home for a few days. Leo is house trained and ready to transition easily into your home. And, if you attended our recent art show, you’ll know that Leo is quite the artist!

This cute kid is approximately 2 years old and is around 40 pounds. We can cat test Leo for anyone interested and resident dogs are encouraged to meet him!

Found Story:
We thought about Leo a lot. One day a young kid walked him up to our facility and asked us to please take him because his parents weren’t going to let him keep him much longer. He said he was a stray that had wandered up into his yard. We were slammed full at the time, but had a dog transitioning out that week into a foster home, so we asked the kid to call us later in the week. We never heard from him again and we thought of Leo often. We then got a call several months later from a different home that they had found Leo and had been keeping him for a couple of days, but their dogs were aggressive with him. When we saw his picture, we were relieved to see that he was okay!

Adoption is a wonderful way to save two lives and we would love to introduce you to your new best friend!

Costs to Consider as you Plan for Your New Friend:
Adoption Fee: $100 for cats; $125 for dogs